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  • How do I find out if AT&T service is available in my area?
    AT&T Internet and TV services will depend on your specific location. Check to see which plans are available in your area.
  • How do I contact AT&T customer service?
    Contact AT&T online through our forums or online chats to get customer service try our customer support help for wireless, internet, or TV. But before you do, try our customer support site, which can solve most issues quickly and easily.
  • How can I access my AT&T account?
    You can access your AT&T account by signing in on our website or through the myAT&T mobile app.
  • How can I view or check my AT&T bill?
    You can view your bill by signing in to your AT&T account online or through the myAT&T mobile app.
  • Which AT&T plan is the fastest?
    The ideal service for you will depend on your specific needs and location, but some plans will provide a more premium level of service than others. For customers who want the best service possible, our fastest residential internet plan is Internet 1000, while our largest TV package is DIRECTV PREMIER, and our most robust wireless plan is AT&T Unlimited Elite.