AT&T Fiber
AT&T Fiber powers the fast, reliable internet services that
can help you do more of what you enjoy.
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Superfast speed, crazy low price

Our ultra-fast 1 GIG* Internet lets you:

  • Power a whole home’s worth of devices at the same time**
  • Enjoy our fastest upload and download speeds so you can easily share your favorite photos and videos
  • Stream to your heart’s content and game like a pro

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Go fiber fast

$49.99for 12 mos. plus taxes & equip. fee

AT&T Fiber + TV

Combine reliable, high-speed Internet powered by AT&T Fiber with great entertainment from DIRECTV and save money on your monthly bill.

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AT&T Fiber powered plans
The fastest, most reliable internet service plan – powered by AT&T Fiber.
ServiceDownload speed**Promo Price
Internet 1000*Up to 940 Mbps$49.99
Do more online with internet powered by AT&T Fiber
Is AT&T Fiber available in my area?
Internet powered by AT&T Fiber is only available in select areas. Check to see if AT&T Fiber is available in your neighborhood.

What is AT&T Fiber?

AT&T Fiber is the technology and network that powers the fastest internet plans that AT&T offers.
Why Internet 1000?
Internet 1000 is the fastest residential internet that AT&T provides. It includes unlimited data and a connection of close to 1 gigabit. Internet 1000 is the perfect internet service for smart homes, multiple users, competitive online gaming, telecommuting, and creative collaboration. It has enough speed to connect up to 14 devices at once. With it you can stream HD video on 10+ devices or 4K video on 3 devices at the same time.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is fiber optic Internet?
    Fiber optic internet is a technology that allows for faster, more reliable internet than more traditional internet services. Fiber Optic networks transmit information by sending light across glass, while traditional internet works by sending electricity over copper wires.
  • How does fiber internet differ from copper internet?
    Since light on glass can transmit more information more quickly than electricity on wire, fiber optic internet services tend to be faster than more traditional internet services. Additionally, traditional internet infrastructure is often shared between multiple houses, which means that your neighbors’ usage can sometimes impact your own internet performance. Fiber optic internet will perform the same no matter what usage rates are in your area.
  • What is 1 gigabit internet?
    Internet speed is measured by the amount of data that can be transmitted over time, typically in megabits or gigabits (1000 megabits) per second. A 1 gigabit per second connection provides enough speed to stream HD video on 10+ devices or 4K video on 3 devices at the same time.